A little rain can’t stop these two because their wedding day it rained, and rained, and rained more! And for Tina and David’s engagement session it rained the whole time as well! 🙂 I’m not gonna lie and say it was easy to try and capture these images with limited space in a venue that didn’t allow for flash and only one area with available light that had tables and guest around, but oh my goodness we captured some stunning images!!! I love challenges like this. It pushes me to be more creative.  I hope you see that even on a rainy wedding day we can create some beautiful images from beautiful moments. Trying something a little new with a slideshow. So enjoy Tina and David’s Mint Museum Wedding held in Charlotte, NC.



Vendor Love:

Wedding Planner: Todd Murphy

Caterer/Baker: Southern Gourmet

Florist: The Flower Boutique

DJ: All the Right Grooves

Videographer: Wil Davis with http://MechanicalEyeFilms.com

Hair/Makeup: Tina herself 🙂

Shoes: Modcloth

Invitations: Envelopments.com

Ceremony Musician: Payton Harkins



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Lake Norman Wedding Portraits

Have you met the new Simmons couple?  Well you should, cause they are seriously adorable… oh, and did I mention they have an Olde English Bulldog? If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a big dog lover (what I mean by that is that I love BIG dogs). Anyway, I feel lucky I even got the chance to meet Aimee and Devon (and their sidekick, Ruca). They got married back in September and unfortunately, I did not shoot their big day. When they got their photos back, they were a little disappointed that their photographer took very few portraits of the lovely couple. I am not sure why, they are incredibly photogenic and they interact so fluidly, how could you NOT take their photos?!?! We scheduled a session at her parents house on Lake Norman, where they got married, but got rained out less than 15 minutes into the shoot. No problem, two days later, we were back at it with the dog in tow and I think I got some really stunning photos that they can be happy with for years! Thanks again for making my job easy and more importantly, thanks for making it enjoyable! 🙂

Sidebar plug: Aimee was an out of town bride when she found and booked her photographer from Thumbtack. She is partly using these photos to surprise her parents with some professionally done portraits. This is not the first time I have had a client come back after their wedding wishing they had invested more in their wedding day photography. Makes me so sad when clients have a unsatisfactory experience with a previous photographer. I do my best to make sure my clients are the right fit and are happy with their experience with Heather Fink Photography!!!

lake norman wedding portraits in the woodspinimage bride and groom portraits by lake normanpinimage married couple on their wedding daypinimage dog with his owners on their wedding daypinimage bride and groom standing in tall woodspinimage wedding couple laying in green grasspinimage married couple walk through the forestpinimage gorgeous lake norman wedding portraitspinimage adorable married couple surrounded by the forestpinimage charlotte engagement session in the woodspinimage married couple loving on their dogpinimage couple giggling together in the woodspinimage lake norman couple cuddling in the woodspinimage lake norman engagement sessionpinimage married couple lounging on a blanket in woodspinimage couple cuddling with their dogpinimage lake norman engagement sessionpinimage couples feet dangling over lake normanpinimage married couple sitting on dock by lake normanpinimage engagement session on lake normanpinimage engaged couple on dock by lake normanpinimage couple cuddling on a dockpinimage couple sitting on a dockpinimage engaged couple on pier with dogpinimage engaged couple by lakepinimage couple embracing by the sunset over the lakepinimage sensual kiss by the lakepinimage couple with dog on pierpinimage couple wading their feet in lakepinimage couple kissing at the end of pierpinimage

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baby boy sleeping in dads armspinimage

3 Boys Newborn Session

Once again, I was given the opportunity to document the Wong Family. This marks their third child and a third newborn shoot! I absolutely LOVE photographing this sweet family; this time it was for another baby boy. You can see their first two boy’s newborn sessions here and here. Speaking of their boys, they are just absolutely the sweetest, laid back guys. They both just kept giving me hugs throughout the session.

Laci had purchased matching bow ties for Brandon and their firstborn, Judah. Then when she had Titus, she had to snag another tie.  After finding out their third was going to be a boy as well, she felt pretty lucky finding that same tie once more. (Its rare to find the same fabric offered in a product over a five year period.) Little boys in bow ties is cuteness overload! 🙂

Laci and Brandon have kept their Biblical theme going with the boys’ first names as well as their catchy, fun middle name theme. Judah Obi Wong, Titus Rex Wong, and now Samson Triumph Wong. “Triumph” came from Brandon’s Triumph motorcycle. He’s a big fan of the brand.

You’ll notice at the end a favorite picture of baby Samson sleeping soundly in his crib with a very large Peter Pan quote above him. “Little boys should never be sent to bed. They always wake up a day older.” This quote makes me realized just how quickly our children grow up and how sweet it is that I get to document this moment of their lives.

Thanks again for making my job easy, and more importantly, thanks for making it enjoyable!

announcement of newborn baby boypinimage boys kissing on baby brotherpinimage 3 boys newborn sessionpinimage brothers kissing on their new baby brotherpinimage mom and dad holding baby boypinimage bow ties on all the boys in newborn sessionpinimage in home newborn session with boyspinimage family portrait in their home with newborn baby boypinimage family cuddles with newborn baby boypinimage dad plays with his sons at newborn sessionpinimage mom rocking newborn baby boy in nurserypinimage baby boy sleeping in mommys armspinimage mom cuddling with newborn baby boypinimage newborn baby lips and hand detailspinimage newborn baby boys hairpinimage newborn baby swaddled in a boxpinimage brothers peeking at baby brother in cribpinimage peter pan quote above newborn baby boypinimage

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A bowling engagement session.

Meet Jason and Candice; it seemed most fitting to have a bowling engagement session as this closely resembled their first date. Park Lanes bowling alley was a perfect background and environment for the session. I really need to go back and play a game or two! (Side note: I had my own red sparkly bowling ball with a dinosaur on it at age 5. My dad would take me bowling a lot as a kid.) After Jason showed us his mad bowling skills we headed over to Alexander Michael’s in the Fourth Ward area of Charlotte. Alexander Michael’s is where their 4th date took place and months later Candice revealed the spot she expected to get her first kiss. It didn’t happen that evening, but later, it was the spot Jason would propose, under a lamppost, and this time, she got her kiss.

Jason and Candice braved the cold as their session took place the week that we had snow. The wind chill was rough, but Jason made sure he kept Candice warm and laughing for the camera. I had such a great time getting to know these two awesome individuals and am really looking forward to their wedding in April of this year! Thanks again for making my job easy, and more importantly, thanks for making it enjoyable!

charlotte park lanes bowling engagement sessionpinimage engagement session at park lanes bowling alleypinimage engaged couples bowling shoespinimage fiancee bowls during engagment session at bowling alleypinimage bowling shoes on engaged couple at their engagement sessionpinimage charlotte engagement session in a bowling alleypinimage laughing enagaged couplepinimage engaged couple visit spot where he popped the questionpinimage Charlotte engagement session visits couple first date locationpinimage engagement session in fourth ward area in Charlotte NCpinimage adorable engaged couple cuddling by Alexander Michaelpinimage Charlotte engagement session at alexander Michaelpinimage cute engagement session by Alexander Michaels in Charlottepinimage fiance kisses his girls nosepinimage engaged couple kisses in the warm sunlightpinimage engaged couple embrace in front of blue housepinimage engaged couple kissing in front of blue housepinimage engaged couple kissing on Charlotte sidewalkpinimage Charlotte engagement session in fourth wardpinimage winter engagement session in Charlotte NCpinimage Charlotte engagement session in the snowpinimage charlotte skyline behind engaged couplepinimage engaged couple laughing in front of Charlotte skylinepinimage


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Adorable Charlotte Maternity Session

Wow, It’s been a couple months since I blogged a session! Last fall and holiday season was absolutely packed with tons of amazing sessions! All of which I wish I had time to blog. I might get around to posting a hand full of them, but for now you will be seeing my current sessions as I’m shooting them. Today’s featured post is Summer and Daniel’s adorable Charlotte maternity session. I met these two from Jenny and Mark’s wedding back in May of 2014, where Daniel was a groomsman for Mark. This will be Summer and Daniel’s first child other than their “puppy child”, Todd, a 6 year old Pomeranian. Once again, you know me and my love for dogs and this pooch was too cute with his wind blown hair during the session. He needed his very own session. 🙂 This couple braved the cold of the winter and I was able to capture some absolutely beautiful images. I should note that after this session I realized I am out of shape! Summer has been working out during her pregnancy and was walking a normal pace up and down hills and stairs in high heel boots with absolutely no problem! She is one fit momma to be! Needless to say I need to get start working out again so I can keep up with my clients. 🙂

I’m looking forward to their newborn session, which hopefully should take place sometime in the next couple of weeks. They are expecting a baby boy on February 17th so I hope you will stay posted for that session as well! I was thrilled when Daniel reached out to me about surprising Summer with this session. Thanks again for making my job easy, and more importantly, thanks for making it enjoyable!

gorgeous lit maternity portraits in backyardpinimage pomeranian joining a maternity session in the citypinimage pregnant portraits done under a bridgepinimage charlotte maternity session in the winterpinimage shadow of pregnant woman and her husband and dogpinimage pomeranian between pregnant couplepinimage maternity session at the greenway in charlottepinimage maternity couple cuddling in front of textured wallpinimage gorgeous light on maternity session in the winterpinimage cascading greenery behind maternity couplepinimage beautiful warm light on pregnant woman and her husbandpinimage Adorable Charlotte Maternity Session between evergreenspinimage charlotte city behind maternity couplepinimage charlotte skyline behind maternity couplepinimage

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