Family – The Davis'

The Davis Family consists of Clint, Heather and three year old Graham. Now a lot of three years old lose it real fast during a photo shoot, but Graham held up well. We did have a few tears, however I think he was a trooper with all that we asked of him on this particular session. The Davis’ requested to have the photo session at Hodges Dairy Farm. This happens to be my third session at this location, but every time I get something different. Love that place and loved how these photos turned out.

So Graham was determined to open my “applebox”, which is a box nailed shut and used for standing, propping people up, etc…  He shed some tears at one point because it wouldn’t open for him. Funny how persistent children can be.

Graham had a third dress change, but overalls are way more comfy.

Isn’t Heather just beautiful.

And of course little Graham had to come check out what mommy and daddy were doing.

  1. Heather these pics are awesome as usual!!!

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