Newborn – Katie Denny

Here’s sweet baby Katie. Her proud parents are Adria and Matthew Denny. Matthew and I went to  elementary school all the way to high school graduation together. I was very excited when he asked if I could do their newborn portraits for them. There’s something about photographing for people I’ve known all my life that brings a little more joy to my job. Perhaps it’s the support that I receive. Either way thank you friends for giving me the opportunity! During our session, little Katie was having a hard time with letting us put her down, but we managed to capture some great shots. Oh and you must get to the end of the session there’s a baby in a helmet!

I loved this baby rattle decoration that Matthew’s sister made. Can we say adorable!

These shots were photographed on Adria’s grandmother’s hope chest. It had this wonderful smell when you opened it. Wish I could share that on the web.

Matthew enjoys racing cars for a hobby so these next few were per his request. A baby in a race car helmet.

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