Family – Part 1: The Martins and Cornwells

Lori and I have known each other since we were five years old. We both attended the same school from 5-K to 12th grade. I had such a wonderful time with her family, Jamin (husband), Levi (son), Laci (daughter), Linda (mom), and Larry (dad). What hospitality too! I received a golf cart ride to our shooting destination, chocolate cake, my favorite Dr. Pepper, and a trip down memory lane when her mom pulled out the old photo albums! This family exudes love and thank you for such a lovely time at your home. Lori’s parents have property in the country and many donkeys so we used these elements for our photo shoot. I just may have to do this in two separate post.

The Martin Family
The Cornwell and Martin Family
Sweet Laci just turned 1. Happy Birthday girl!

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