Family – The Braymers

Anna and Ross are very dear friends of ours and our little kiddos are only 2 months apart so we have lots of play dates. Ross and my husband, Jesse, grew up together in Pennsylvania and they both just happen to both move to North Carolina. (Guess they got tired of all that snow) Jonah just turned one when we did this session and what a stinking cutie he is you’ll see.
One of my favorites from the session!
Mimi came along on the photo shoot to help with entertainment and she did a great job. Thanks Wanda!
Introducing the whole family, which includes Grady.
Adelai and Jonah were treated a stroll after our photo session
  1. Lis says:

    These are great Heather. There are a number of faves, and that first one is adorable and the wagon is cute. But I think my favorite is the bench and storybook. Just the colors, the special lighting, and the laughter…it’s classicaly beautiful.

  2. Heather Fink says:

    Thank you Lis! There were so many elements about this session that I just loved!

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