Maternity – Rebekah and Matthew

Bekah and I go back to college days when we worked together at Hallmark. We kept in touch through Facebook, but hadn’t seen each other since 2005 when I graduated from school.  So I was super excited to see her again and meet her sweet husband, Matt. These two are going to be super fun parents! Bekah  and Matt are both amazing singers and met in a choral group in school.  I have enjoyed watching these two on Facebook with their adorable pictures of them and their dog, who I am looking forward to meeting when we do their newborn session. Annabelle their baby girl is due on March 17th so keep an eye out for their newborn session post.
We had to reschedule their session by one day due to the only snow we’ve gotten this winter. There still was snow on the ground and it was still pretty cold (40 degrees), but these two were troopers handling the cold weather. Well actually, Matt had a harder time with it. LOL. Every time I turned around to look at them he was wrapped up in either his coat or under the blanket.

I’m only featuring one photo of Matt’s bright blue shoes because he forgot to grab the shoes he was planning on wearing for the photo shoot. I told him I had to share 🙂

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