Bridals – Hannah Griffith Thrower

Let me start by saying, I’ve been dying to share these photos with you all! Hannah and I were neighbors growing up, in fact our parents still live across the street from one another. Her wedding took place this weekend in her parents backyard and it was gorgeous!!!! Can’t wait to share those images as well.
Hannah is just stunning in this bridal session and it’s by far my favorite bridal I’ve done to date. There were so many elements that made this session so great for me: Hannah is just beautiful, loved the simplicity of her dress, she brought along a chair her father wove, and we included her mother’s wedding dress and hat. I feel this session had a unique group of classic and fashion poses. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.
Absolutely loved incorporating her mother’s hat into these shots. Some of my favs.
We did some of the same poses with her in her dress and her mother’s wedding dress. I loved the detail in her mother’s dress from the 70’s. It fit Hannah just right.
Another favorite in her mom’s dress below.
  1. ktrout says:

    Looking through all of these makes me more and more excited for when it is my turn! I never see a bad picture on here!

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