Family – The Rainey's

This is the lovely Rainey family and their beautiful dogs. The Rainey family requested to have their session on Davidson College Campus since this is where David and Emily went to college and met. This property is just gorgeous and was a perfect location for this family. It had been raining all day so we were crossing our fingers that the rain would hold off and it did. The evening shoot turned out to be such wonderful weather despite the few sprinkles in the beginning.
So let me start off by introducing you to David and his wife Emily.

These two siblings are Bennett and Rebecca.

This well at Davidson College is the exact spot that David proposed to Emily
And these are the beautiful dogs. Bo, Sable, and Remi.
Bo is a seven year old german shepard that belongs to the family.
Sable is a thirteen year old black lab that belongs to the family as well.
Remi is the youngest at three years old and is a german short haired pointer who belongs to Bennett.
I got to admit I’m a little partial to this dog. I’ve always liked this breed of dog.

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