Married – Brandon & Hannah – Backyard Wedding

Oh my this was the wedding that I had to walk out on and was majorly bummed I missed the ceremony and reception! If you missed out on that news you can read the story here. Also if you missed Hannah’s bridal session it’s a must see. I often look back at her portraits. Loved them!
So short story, Hannah was my neighbor growing up and her parents and youngest siblings still are my mom’s neighbors. I was overjoyed when Hannah and Brandon called me up asking if I could document their day. I fell in love with so much of this intimate sweet wedding and wished I could have seen it first hand, but God had other plans for me that day. My second shooter, Angela, did an amazing job as always capturing these two and their special day. Thanks again girl for keeping me together! Hannah and Brandon are both school teachers and they love spending time outdoors. So having a backyard wedding was very fitting for them. Lots of DIY in this wedding and of course it was done very well since Hannah is an art teacher. They harvested all the moss you see in the images and Hannah’s dad made the most spectacular light canopy. Oh I’ll stop with all the details, just look and see for yourself how wonderful this wedding was.
Congratulations Hannah and Brandon! You two could not be any cuter!

This is the view from my mom’s house. Spent a lot of my early childhood here!

And here are seven siblings!

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