Maternity – Michelle and Brian

Michelle and Brian are expecting their first baby soon.  It’s always great meeting a couple when it’s just the two of them knowing how much their lives are about to change.  They’ve got more patience and discipline than I do electing to wait until the day of delivery to find out the gender of the baby.  They wanted to do the session at their own home, which lucky for me, offered tons of excellent photographic spots. I told her I just might have to return to her neighborhood for another session because it offered so much.
Apparently Brian, like most men I know, isn’t a big fan of getting his picture taken, but you would never know because he was such a natural.  Their dog Spiller joined them for a portion of the session.  Spiller was absolutely precious and had a beautiful coat of fur that I just wanted to keep petting.
 Congratulations Michelle and Brian and I’m looking forward to seeing your little bundle of joy soon!

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