Maternity – Cody and Maria

So excited to share these images with you guys! Cody, my brother-in-law, and his gorgeous wife, Maria, are expecting their first child together. She is due any time now and I’m so looking forward to seeing this baby girl! Natalie and Kimmy are going to be the best big sisters. Every time they come to visit they’re always looking for ways to help my little ones.
You may remember their Police themed engagement session we did a couple years back. Since they met in Concord I thought it fitting to have their session take place there.
I particularly enjoyed this session because of the closeness I have to them as a couple.  I remember hearing Cody talk about her the first months they met. I remember when it became clear he was heavily interested in her. I remember when the family first met Maria and how overwhelmed she must have been at our craziness. I remember when they got engaged. I remember when they got married.  Now, I get to be part of just another step in their growing relationship. It’s been a blessing to see them evolve as a couple and a joy to see how the Lord has blessed them along the way. Plus, who wouldn’t want to photograph those sweet, adorable girls with that “hot mama”!  (And some people say Cody’s not bad looking either). Maria is always so much fun to capture on camera because she makes the images so dramatic with her beautiful features and style.
Congratulations you guys! We can’t wait!

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