Portraits – Jen, Jordyn, Drew, and Otis

Today is my 30th birthday.
Feels really weird to say that, however I’ve honestly been looking forward to this day. Something about moving forward to a new double digit age seems exciting to me. 
The past several years I’ve worked long hours on my birthday and today is the first that I get to spend it with my family! Now a blog post is work, but I had to share this post today. 
Those of you who know me, know I love dogs! This session include one adorable English Bulldog named Otis and everyone had to get pictures with this guy. He belongs to Jen and Jordyn . I met Jen on a commercial job I was working sometime last year and we got together with her boyfriend and daughter for a great session at the Dairy Barn down in Fort Mill, SC. If you’ve never been there it’s really beautiful and I hope to return again for another session one day. 

Below is an image that captured Jordyn’s first time on a horse!

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