Multi Family – Wright's, Jones', and Keiger's

In the image below we start with Bobbie and Lee, who married and had Mindy and Lori (sisters), who found their spouses and made five grandchildren in total. We kept our location local at the Harrisburg old post office and squeezed this session in before the Keiger family had to move out of state that weekend. This sweet multi family session was very busy, but much fun to capture! There was plenty of goofing off and that’s what we wanted to capture, the essence of a family and the love and fun that they exude!
Sisters, I can relate to this since I myself have two older sisters. I love my sisters and couldn’t image my life without them. One thing I love most about this is I feel the bond of a family after marriage and kids is often stronger when there are sisters involved. Girls just get close and stay close. I’m sure brother and sister relationships are awesome, but sisters definitely have a different bond. So as you can see their are three sets of sisters in this session, when you include the daughters of Mindy and Lori.
Here we have Bobbie and Lee, the beginning of two other amazing families. These two were cracking me up during their cuddling portion of the session.
The Jones Family: Mindy, Woody, Mackenzie, Anuca, and Avery
The Keiger Family: Lori, Carey, Lexi, and Carley
When I asked these two to cuddle, they begin to slow dance and then they shared that they dance every night while cooking dinner. I got chills! So sweet and wish I could get my husband to participate in this activity. However cooking dinner is not always a very relaxing time for me, when I have two little ones begging for food at my ankles. Perhaps this could be something for the future when the kids are older. đŸ™‚


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