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Meet the Rodgers’ family! This is the first gig I’ve ever gotten by inviting myself to a child’s birthday. My husband Jesse goes way back with these two as Brad was a groomsmen in our wedding and he went to high school with Heather. Long story short, we recently invited ourselves to Arabelle’s first birthday party (not as terrible as it sounds, it just sort of happened) when Heather and I started talking about family photos. It’s really exciting to see these two as parents as I’ve known them for quite a while. Arabelle has the most gorgeous eyes and she did a great job staring me down in front of the camera. She is also quite the walker which meant a lot of exercise for me (which was fine by me, I totally need it). Anyway, we managed some great shots just around their beautiful house and I look forward to seeing Arabelle grow. Thanks again for making my job easy and more importantly, thanks for making it enjoyable.

  1. nicole boyce says:

    Such a BEAUTIFUL family!!! They are so photogenic:) sending lots of love from PA!!!!!

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