Charlotte, NC Maternity Photography – Davidson Sunset Maternity Session – Ashley Matyaszek

Davidson Sunset Maternity Session

Meet Tim and Ashley Matyaszek. If you can’t tell, their lives are about to change in a major way! Well, to be perfectly honest as I was transitioning websites they went ahead and had their baby (that session will be up soon) but I don’t want to spill the beans on that event quite yet. This wonderful tandem met in South Carolina where Ashley studied speech pathology at University of South Carolina, while Tim spent most of his time studying Clemson football. He didn’t quite major in college football statistics but apparently he could have. It’s appropriate that Ashley describes their family as blessed; newborn on the way, new house on the way, two dogs, Clemson football saturating every part of her life; she’s pretty much got it made.

If you don’t know this about me, I LOVE dogs. And I love when my clients bring their dogs along for the sessions. One of my favorite photos is near the bottom where at first glance your totally struck by Ashley’s eyes and then immediate drawn to Spiller (as in C.J. Spiller, former Clemson tailback), their dog draped over her bump with his tongue hanging all over the place. The perfect little family with perfectly adorable dogs about to become more perfected with the coming of their baby boy. Congratulations Tim and Ashley! Thanks again for making my job easy and more importantly, thanks for making it enjoyable.


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