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     I have so many things to say about this session and what a perfect session to start off my 101st blog post! Veyla’s story is quite incredible. It all began when Kelly, a childhood friend of my husbands, and Melissa met while working together back in their mid twenties. They got married on […]

I’m going to make a confession, I teared up while editing these photos. Celeste and I met many years ago while assisting a local commercial photographer in town. A few years later, I had the opportunity of witnessing her marry Adam in one of the sweetest, God centered wedding ceremonies I’ve ever seen. Shortly after, […]

Oh October is my favorite month of the year, however this year it started off on bad terms. It began with my little 6 month old Gideon having a high fever of 103.6 on a Sunday, but with no symptoms. Then the following Thursday evening it got worse and Gideon was very lethargic, not eating, […]

Kennedy is a lively, most precious, little one year old girl. Michelle, her mother, and I went to school together and also worked at our church camp for several years. That is where Michelle met her husband Heath. I had the pleasure to capture this sweet family this past week. We started the session at […]

I’ve had the pleasure to document Miss Audrey Wood’s life from 1 month to 12 months in these mini sessions. You might recall seeing her in the Wood Family session I did not long ago. Go see it here if you missed it.  You’ll notice we are missing the 7 and 10 month session and […]

This is the LaCoursiere family I photographed at the Christmas tree farm. If you didn’t get to see that session check it out here. So Julie knows how to throw a kids party and the details were absolutely amazing. I loved this party. Super cute! Oh and you must see the video at the end. […]

Ok, this little guy has some cute cheeks that I just wanted to squeeze! And those eyes of his are killer too. Hunter was such a good boy during our photo session. He’s celebrating his one year birthday this weekend. Mom, Ashleigh (who works with my husband) and her husband, Craig both did a great […]

Taylor just turned 1 year old a couple weeks ago. She was a preemie baby, however her development was not lacking but in fact advanced. She was crawling, standing, and talking tons. I had a great time with this sweet little girl. We used daddy’s vintage Fisher-Price horse push and ride toy for the first […]

Taylor celebrates her 1st birthday today! Happy Birthday Taylor! More images coming soon.