Young Faces – Audrey Wood

I’ve had the pleasure to document Miss Audrey Wood’s life from 1 month to 12 months in these mini sessions. You might recall seeing her in the Wood Family session I did not long ago. Go see it here if you missed it.  You’ll notice we are missing the 7 and 10 month session and that was due to sickness and both the Wood’s family and I being so busy. I had such a great time spending these several sessions with the Wood family. Becca is so good about getting photos done and actually printing them and putting them up in her home! I feel this is something that I lack and hope to be better at with my own family photos.
Audrey, I’ve really enjoyed watching you grow into the precious little girl that you are. You have such a sweet spirit and a very loving family. I hope you had a wonderful 1 year birthday. Sorry my birthday wishes are a little late (pretty much one month late), but still wanted to send them your way.
  1. Love it!!! They are all wonderful Heather!!

  2. Love it!!! They are all wonderful Heather!!

  3. i love months 4 and 9 🙂

  4. i love months 4 and 9 🙂

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