Young Faces – Emma

One of my childhood best friends, Sarah, ask me to shoot her daughter for her one year old session. Emma was adorable and very easy to work with! She was actually 10 months old at this session. I must say I’ve been very jealous of the amount of hair Sarah’s daughter has compared to my little Adelai, who’s quite bald. We chose a spot very close to my home in Harrisburg, NC where we could get a cozy fall background for our shoot. One of our last locations was an old rundown home that quickly ended our shoot. You ask why? Just wait for the last photos and they will explain.

 I love it when kids do things like examine their clothes. It’s these minor details that I love to capture.
Love this image of her getting situated for the next photo.

So while trying to capture this shot of her crawling, I lunged to head down the stairs for another view and then I fell.

Falling through porch                  =                     Bad bruises

Had a blast though! Thanks Sarah, Emma, and Terry for all your love and friendship through the years! Love you guys.

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