Family – The Kellers

 We met the Keller family at our home church, Living Faith Baptist Church,  three years ago and what a blessing it is to know and be friends with this amazing family. David and Kelly have provided Christian leadership and guidance for my own family and for that I am very grateful. They are a true inspiration with their gifts and talents (David – leads our Wednesday night Bible study, Kelly – home schools all five children, is an amazing cook, and has a blog that you must follow.  It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to photograph this family of seven! My good friend Angela and I shot them together down in the Noda area of Charlotte since that was a special place to them. The Keller family love books, so we started off the session with a family reading time from the classic “The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe”.

Here we have Johnny (4th born), Ben (2nd born), Maddie (the baby), Cameron (1st born), and Andrew (3rd born)
This was a favorite of mine. I love Maddie’s sweet expression.
And here you can see the BOY in these boys! Love it!
Maddie does a great job keeping up with her older four brothers.

  1. Wow, Heather, those are really beautiful!!!

    donna mariucci

  2. GrandmaK says:

    Wonderful pictures!!!! Well done!!!!! Cathy

  3. Gramma OC says:

    Love these,Heather.

  4. Catrina says:

    Precious! What a sweet family… You did an amazing job, Heather!

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