Newborn – Annabelle June Hanson

Annabelle is the sweet little daughter to Rebekah and Matthew Hanson. I did their maternity session not long ago. If you missed it you can view it here. This precious baby was so good for our session. Every time I held her I was taken back to when my little girl was that tiny. It won’t be long before I have that experience again. We are now less than two weeks out from our arrival of our little boy.
So back to miss Annabelle. You’ll see in this session many elements from their home, which is always what I love most to capture in these session. A more lifestyle approach and I hope you enjoy them.

Matt teaches guitar lessons at his school and requested some shots with his guitar. Some of these are my favorites.

Favorite family photo to date!

A little gift from Annabelle’s grandma. Monogram bracelet. 

These next few shots were done with sheet music to the song The Luckiest by Ben Folds. One of my favorite songs and it always makes me cry. I believe this was Matt and Bekah’s first dance at their wedding. So sweet.

And we had to get miss Ellie in some shots. She was such a good dog.

Bekah did an amazing job on Annabelle’s room. I loved all the details.

These three dresses were Bekah’s when she was a little girl. Neat idea how she incorporated them into the room.

  1. Laci Wong says:

    Some of these made me a little pooly! They are wonderful Heather!

  2. Heather Fink says:

    Thank you Laci. I guess making people pooly is a good thing in this case! I love capturing these moments.

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