Newborn – Carter Lee Dillion

Little Carter belongs to the proud new parents, Stacy and Jonathan Dillion. Stacy contacted me just a week ago and we weren’t quite sure if we could fit her son’s newborn session in due to me being 38 weeks preggers, but I’m so happy we were able to make it work. Thanks son for not making mommy go into labor yet!
So on the day of the Dillion’s session I was heading out to Asheboro and while stopping for a quick bit to eat I saw two puppy labs wandering loose in the Wendys’ parking lot heading straight for the busy road. This was not a sight a pregnant woman wanted to see so of course being a dog lover as well I just had to get out in the rain and try to wrangle these dogs into my car. They gladly came and were both super sweet dogs. Now what was I to do? I’ve tried countless times to rescue stray dogs, but have never been successful until now when I was on my way to a job. Thankfully one of the dogs had a rabies tag and I was able to deliver them both back to their owner. That felt so good! A big thanks to the Dillions for being so kind to let me take care of that situation!
Now on to Carter. What a precious little boy and he was so good for a 12 day old baby. He hardly cried at all and made our photo session a very smooth one.

These next several photos were taken on Stacy’s grandmothers rocking chair. What a beautiful piece of furniture.
Love this moment below!
Isn’t this face just so sweet. I want to snuggle with this little guy.

Jonathan requested a guitar shot so we attempted to capture the baby sleeping on the side of the guitar and I’m very happy to say we were successful. Took a few tries and of course some retouching. (Disclaimer: Baby was safely held for this shot below. Please do not attempt to capture this shot without the child being securely held.)
At the end of our session we brought out the dogs, Jasper and Nelly (the smaller dog).

I love this sequence of photos of Carter being laid down and the dogs reactions.
Love this capture! Jasper didn’t like it when Carter would cry.
  1. erin says:

    I love so many things about this post.
    good rescue story, cute baby, the last photo.
    oh man.

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