Connor James Triola – Charlotte Newborn Photographer – Charlotte Family Photographer

     Meet the Triola family! I’m so glad to finally have the opportunity to take pictures of this gorgeous family all together; even their dog is beautiful. This isn’t the first time Kevin and Elise have been in front of my camera. I did their engagement session a few years back. For those of you that don’t know, Kevin and Rocco have been our neighbors for over six years now. They definitely needed a woman’s touch in that house so Kevin introduced Rocco to Elise. And now, Elise is introducing Rocco to Connor James! I have seen so many changes in this house since I’ve known Kevin and I use to think of his abode as just that, a house. But it really feels like a HOME with the husband, wife, baby, and pup. Their nursery is all decorated up in a sailor theme and it’s so cozy looking for their newborn boy. 
     You will see some images where Connor is featured with his daddy’s hockey skates. Kevin is from Pennsylvania where hockey is a big sport and he participates on a hockey team here in Charlotte. I also really enjoyed the shots of Connor with the police cap and helmet but my favorites have got to be how tiny he looks in his daddy’s giant arms. Doesn’t he just look so safe and well protected? Add to that, Elise’s kind eyes and warm embrace and it seems like just the perfect place for a baby to grow. Thanks again for making my job easy and more importantly, thanks for making it enjoyable!

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