Charlotte Wedding Photographer ~ Charlotte Southend Engagement Session ~ Kasey and Jason

A Charlotte Southend Engagement Session

Meet Jason and Kasey. I have known these two for quite some time and am really excited that they chose me to be their photographer; I’m even more excited that they are getting married! For those of you that don’t know, I typically have my clients fill out questionnaires so that I can gather information and get a better feel for my clients. Additionally, it gives me something more concrete to write about when I do my blogs. I usually piece together what I know about the couple, how they interact and what I gather from the questionnaire. In this case, I already know that Jason and Kasey are a fantastic, fun-loving couple and would have no problem elaborating on that for you. But honestly, they filled out the questionnaire so eloquently, I’m just going to quote it. How did you meet? And how long have you dated? “We met in class. We were both in education, and Jason was the only boy in our class of 30 girls. Kasey was the sweaty girl who would run in late from practice, and the only seat available was the one next to Jason”. When asked about their first date, they wrote about a laughter-filled night with friends indulging in homemade chili and spirits. Afterwards, everyone got sick from eating undercooked deer meet and fought over the restrooms. From the way they met, to their first date, to how they live everyday, it doesn’t matter what strange, quirky events take place in their lives. They love being together and they enjoy every moment. Thanks again for making my job easy and more importantly, thanks for making it enjoyable.

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