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Portraits – Jen, Jordyn, Drew, and Otis

Today is my 30th birthday. Feels really weird to say that, however I’ve honestly been looking forward to thisView full post »

Young Faces – Veyla O’Donnell 1 year

   I have so many things to say about this session and what a perfect session to start off my 101stView full post »

Family – The LaCoursiere’s

You may remember this beautiful family from last year. Their foster child, Cam, was finally adopted so that’s whyView full post »

Family – The Rainey’s

This is the lovely Rainey family and their beautiful dogs. The Rainey family requested to have their session onView full post »

Maternity – Gaby and Jim

What AMAZING TIMING this session was for many reasons! We started out at a business park in the Ballantyne area andView full post »

The Fink Life – Gideon Hemingway Fink

I’m in awe of how long it’s taken me to get this post up, but I guess that’s what having twoView full post »

Newborn – Carter Lee Dillion

Little Carter belongs to the proud new parents, Stacy and Jonathan Dillion. Stacy contacted me just a week ago and weView full post »